Accidental Expressionism 

In the late 80's while working on a painting, I looked at my disposable, paper palette and saw an incredible, accidental painting of koi swimming in a muddy pond.  Regrettably I threw it out  because it was on cheap wax paper.  For years I've envied and admired the boldness and spontaneity of the brush strokes and palette knife scrapings on my disposable palettes.  Some truly great compositions have magically appeared on some of these palettes.  Even though most of these palettes go straight into the garbage some of them are truly beautiful and definitely worth keeping.  In 2010 I finally started making photos and digital collages from these humble sheets of painted, waxed paper with the help of a scanner, Photoshop and my found photo collection.

In 2013, I started using high quality masonite boards as palettes in addition to my disposable palettes. Since these boards are not cheap, I don't throw them out.  I just keep working them until something good occurs.

AcEx (2015-2013)


AcEx (2012-2011)

Photography and Digital Collage