Photo Restoration

I can digitally restore almost any old and/or damaged photo with Adobe Photoshop.  My rates are based on $30/hour but I can restore many photos for as little as $2.00.  Highly damaged photos can cost a great deal and there are some very, very damaged photos that I will not be able to restore.

I have three price categories: Simple, Medium, and Difficult.

(Please see the bottom of this page for ordering instructions.)


 SIMPLE PHOTO RESTORATION: $2.00 per Photo ($10.00 minimum order)

The photos below are undamaged and only needed color and contrast corrections.

Simple 1

Simple 2


Medium 1
This photo had its color and contrast corrected.  Dirt
smudges were taken off the subject's nose.  The
details in the flowers were brought out and the
subject's "red eye" was removed.

Medium 2
The contrast was increased.  The rips and tears in the
original are digitally repaired.

Medium 4
The yellow stain in the original has been removed and
the contrast has been increased.

Medium 5
The contrast has been increased and the water spots have been
removed.  The detail in the couple has been brought out.

Medium 3
The color in this photo was corrected and the yellow stain in the bottom left corner was taken out.

I downloaded a photo of one of my favorite actors, Joanna Lumley, to show how I can lessen and get rid of wrinkles.  I also
added a little color to her hair.  Of course, I can completely smooth out her skin to make her look much younger but I discourage
this since it often looks very strange.


Difficult 1
This photo took two hours to finish due to the high number of tears, scratches, dust and the extreme discoloration
the corners.  I also had to digitally "paint" in a lot of the the background.  The cost of this restoration is $60.00.

Difficult 2
This photo restoration took one-and-a-half hours due to the high number of scratches, rips and tears.  There were
also a lot of dust specks that had to be removed.  This restoration cost $45.00.

Difficult 3
This photo restoration was extremely difficult due to the "fogged" original.  Trying to balance the color took a lot of
time and manipulation.  I also cheated a little by inserting a beautiful, cloud filled sky from another photo.  It took
me four hours to finish this and I feel as if I could keep working on it for hours!  This restoration cost $120.00.

El Querino 1957
The photo on the left is pretty much impossible to restore so I had to be more creative.  The client was interested in restoring
the image of the football player on the far left hand side which I did to the best of my ability.  This restoration took an
hour-and-a-half and cost $45.00.



Cosmetic enhancements on photos: whiten teeth, remove blemishes, lighten or even remove wrinkles, change eye color…

Create sepiatone images.

Make your color photo into a black-and-white photo.

Add text or graphics.

Photoshop your head onto a super model's body!

Ask me to do whatever kind of digital enhancements you’d like.  I can probably fulfill your request.



If you have a small number of photos (1-10) please send jpegs of these photos via email to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please make sure that the jpegs you send me are scanned at 300-450 dpi.  Please do not scan your photos at more than 450 dpi.

If you have many jpegs that you want to me to work on, please put them on a CD or DVD data disc and mail it to:
Hugo Kobayashi
1391 8th Avenue #3
San Francisco, CA  94122


 I will not scan your original photos, slides or negatives.  Please do not send me any original photos, slides or negatives.


After viewing your jpegs and/or photos, I will email you a detailed cost and time estimate for the whole job.

If you decide not to hire me, I will delete the jpegs you sent me from my computer and throw out the CD or DVD if mailed to me.  If you want me to return your data disc, you must send me return postage plus $2.00 for a mailing envelope. 

If you decide to hire me, I will complete the job and send you small (72 dpi),  watermarked jpegs so you can see if my work is up to your standards.  Once your are satisfied, you may pay me with check or via Paypal. 

Once I'm paid, I'll email your restored photos (or mail you your CD of restored photos).


Note:  I will not work on photos of identification cards nor any photos that look like crime scene photos.