Our Family Album

I enjoy family snapshots. They can be great naïve art.

I am always looking for family photos to base paintings on. The kind of photo I’m looking for shows the subjects looking at the camera and smiling. The photo should have one or more flaws: unattractive color, poor contrast, bad composition, a too busy background, etc… I am trying to improve the original photo by turning it into a great oil painting. If the photo is great or very good, there is no need for me to try and improve it.

I am more interested in capturing people’s faces than anything else. Painting accurate human likenesses is very difficult, challenging and enjoyable. I want to take the energy from photographed individuals and transfer it to canvas. This is very difficult so I make a lot of mistakes which is reflected in the many spontaneous, abstract marks I make on the canvas when mixing my colors. I like mixing my colors around the heads of the subjects so that my marks start to resemble their mental or psychological energy. It’s also a record of my decision making process.

I want to make hundreds of these “family album” paintings representing the many different people in the world from the past and the present.


Kuroda Kids (thumb)

Uncle Hugo y Tetsu (thumb)

Little Devil (thumb)

Salcidos (thumb)

Uncle Phil (thumb)

Hearth (Thumb)

 Janelle & Brenda (thumb)

 Kilduffs (thumb)

Matilda (thumb)

 Mardigians (thumb)

Toxic Spiel (thumb) Lillian and Bill (thumb) Bob Cat (thumb) Rosie y Mamita (thumb) Sparkler (Patty 1968) (thumb)
Calvin and Veronica (thumb) Evelyn (thumb) Kelly & Doug (thumb) Davis and Machiko (thumb) Victoria and Becky (thumb)
Ron NYC 1986 (thumb)  Yuriko and Sheba (thumb)